What I am doing on my summer break.

Hi it is Avery sorry I have not post in a long time. But I am going to tell you what I am doing over the summer. But I still have there more day of school.  So what I am doing in June is I am going to the beach. And going swimming a lot. And also going to play outside if it is nice.  I will also go in my friends pool . I will have a lot of party to go to. that is what I am doing over my summer break


My disney trip

Last week on a big trip to disney . It was  very fun I had a very cool bed.  At disney the very fist day was  hot and we went to the pool the  last there day It was cold. I went for four days at  disney I went on a lot of rides  and I went on space mountain it was fun. I buyMickey and the Magical Map Loren Javier via Compfight a lot of thing in this huge disney store it had  a lot of cool things. We  love disney.


Dance recital

I had a dance recital It was fun! There were cookies and hot chocolate available. We go to dance on stage. We wore red skirts, the song we danced to was I will be home for Christmas by Micheal Buble.  I am glad I take dance.


Why I like the month December

This why I like the month December one because it is month of christmas and my elf on the shelf comes.  I love to play in the snow. Decorating my home for christmas. I like to wake up in the morning and santa came. Buy gifts and giving it to people who don’t have any to bring joy to them.  Eating treats like cookie. This why I like the month  of December .

Merry Christmas!Creative Commons License Mark Engelbrecht via Compfight


My Thanksgiving

My Thanksgiving was so fun In the morning we watch the turkey bowl. Then  my mom bake the stuffing . Next  we all got dressed, after we left we  got to the home we play a lot. I had a lot of good food. We played outside it was warm on Thanksgiving.  I played with a baby. Then  we went  to the next house and ate all the treats, I ate pie. I loved  my Thanksgiving.


Two days from now

Two days from now is Thanksgiving and I can not wait for all the awesome food to eat and play. I am thankful  for family and my mom and dad .I am going to my aunt at two we go to two house so I eat a litter there and a litter more by the time I am done I am full .I Iove the pie and the turkey. I do not have school this week.I love the meal there some times I don’t want to go but I have fun at both house just playing . I love Thanksgiving.


come up

come up is Thanksgiving YAY it is the time to give thanks to every thing to make you it to the world and for your family I love my family and they love me thick how much food there you will be good for one day don’t you thick I do it is fun to see all your family members I do  my favorite food is the best part what is your favorite part I love playing with my family that is what is come up



This what I am doing on Thanksgiving  i am going aunt we are going to eat there it is going to be fun we are going to eat a lot it is going to be good food there my i love the turkey it is the best part of Thanksgiving that is why i love it


about my sister

I have  a sister  name mallory i love her she is really good sister we share a room with her. I love it she is in 1st grade she has blue eyes she likes to play outside.  Every one says we look alike. She loves food and she love ice cream she loves her mom and dad. We love story time we like our new room she is a good sister that is all.