about my sister

I have  a sister  name mallory i love her she is really good sister we share a room with her. I love it she is in 1st grade she has blue eyes she likes to play outside.  Every one says we look alike. She loves food and she love ice cream she loves her mom and dad. We love story time we like our new room she is a good sister that is all.

6 thoughts on “about my sister

  1. Hi Avery, I love your new bulldog picture!! I love story time at night too with Mallory, she is a crazy funny sister!


  2. Hi Mallory
    I like your puppy picture. He’s so wrinkly! Story time is a fun time in our house too with Adam and Anthony. When I was your age your dad and I shared a bedroom too! Those are memories you will have for a lifetime. Good luck on your project. See you soon.
    Uncle Shaun

  3. Hi Avery!!!!! It’s Aunt Heather 🙂 guess what??? We are coming to visit over thanksgiving! We can’t wait to see you <3. Clare is really excited too. Love you, aunt Heather

  4. Hi Avery,
    I bet you and your crazy sister Mallory love sharing a room together. You are a good big sister. I agree with your mom, she is a funny little sister!

  5. Hi Avery-
    Loved reading about Mallory. You two are the cutest. Blue eyes are the best!! Sarah loves playing with the both of you.
    Keep up the good work.

    Laura Oleksa

  6. I also have a little sister. She is crazy but I love her and me and her look like twins she beautiful brown eyes. with brown hair.

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