About me

My name is Avery this my first time blogging  and I am in 3rd grade. I have one sister name mallory and  one bother logan I have one dog, i love my mom and dad. My favorite subject is reading  and math my teacher name is mrs campagna my favorite  book is junie b. my favorite hooby is shopping  with my mom my favorite food is pizza.  I like the pool I love play out side. My friend is Jada she is nice. I like volleyball, it is fun. my favorite animal is monkey. That  is all about me!


4 thoughts on “About me

  1. Avery,
    I love that your favorite hobby is shopping with your mom. I also think that puppy would be a great addition to your family.
    We miss you a lot and hope we will see you at Thanksgiving.
    Aunt Heather

  2. Avery, we love reading your blog! We learned a lot about you. Lily’s favorite books are June B too! P.s.- I also love shopping with your mom!!

    Stephanie & Lily

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